Monday, December 10, 2007

Dial Daily Bread

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The last generation of those who wait for Him just before the return of Jesus will be the happiest of all time because the “marriage of the Lamb has come and His wife has made herself ready” (Rev. 19:7).

A man and a woman who are in love want the wedding day to come because they want to be united as one. It was God who made them thus, and who built in to them this attraction for each other. Each feels incomplete without the other; the woman is made to be a “help meet” as the KJV puts Genesis 2:18. She wants to be what she was “made” to be—and it’s her greatest joy. She has tasted “love.”

He feels empty and alone until he finds her, no matter how wonderful a man he has been (“no rose in all the world until you came”). No man is complete of himself. The “marriage of the Lamb” comes only in “the last generation.” Those who are ready for the second coming of Christ are not happy because they anticipate palaces in the New Jerusalem, but because they are soon to be united in “marriage” with the Lamb. Their pent-up love can hardly wait fulfillment.

A bride who loves is happy only to be with her bridegroom. I remember reading of a woman from California who loved a man, married him, and went where he wanted to go—study lions on the Serengeti plains. She slept happily on the ground only to feel a lion nibbling at her toes through her sleeping blanket. She had married this man for love and was happy to be where he was.

That’s what this kind of love does to two who love with it.

The love of His people for Christ as a wife loves a husband is the mystery of mysteries; it’s been talked about and written in the Bible all these thousands of years, but now in the final generation it becomes Reality.

All of eschatological theology that fills the library tomes can be distilled into a drop of this divine-human conjugal love. Read from Genesis to Revelation with this insight and the Bible becomes new to you.

The Bridegroom is so eager that He can hardly wait; but something has cooled His bride-to-be. Could it be an inner infidelity? Is that Laodicea’s real “lukewarm” problem? Thought through it becomes an overpowering motivation for repentance.


“Jesus and His Last Generation of Saints on Earth”

December 28-30, 2007

Weimar Institute, Weimar, California

Speakers: Robert J. Wieland, Paul E. Penno

Call: (530) 637-4111, ext. 7933, for lodging at the Inn

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