Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dial Daily Bread: Your Father Would Love to Hear From You

Dear Friends of "Dial Daily Bread,"

Jesus opened before us an eternity of happiness when He told us that we are to pray to "Our Father which art in heaven," and when we pray, to shut our "closet door" so we will be alone with Him in our prayer (Matt. 6:6-13).

Usually, our favorite time to "shut our closet door" and talk to Him is in the evening, after the day's activities are over and it's time to go to bed. But we read in Psalm 121:3, 4: The Lord will not "let your foot stumble. ... The Guardian of Israel never slumbers, never sleeps" (New English Bible). That means that all night long if you wake up, you can pray to "our Father which art in heaven." His Office is open, His "phone" is never turned off!

He would love to hear from you! Even if the only tale you have to tell Him is of woe, of failure, of sin, of mistakes; your heavenly Father is in the business of hearing such tales. And not only hearing them over and over, but He does something about them: He heals your soul.

Right there at midnight, if that is the time you are awake and suffering from pangs of conscience, He wants to communicate with you. Don't think it's only a one-way "phone conversation" with Him; He is responding to you. He is deepening in your soul a conviction of sin; but not only that.

He also "convicts" of righteousness. Jesus explains that this is true because "I go to My Father, and ye see Me no more" (John 16:10). He convicts you of how His character is different than yours, even though you cannot see Him in the flesh; this is always a ministry of hope.

Then, He convicts "of judgment, because the prince of this world [Satan] is judged," which means Satan is condemned in your life. Cast out (vs. 11). Thank your "Father which art in heaven"! Wait before Him.

--Robert J. Wieland

From the "Dial Daily Bread" Archive: May 23, 2008.
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