Monday, January 02, 2012

Helping Lift the Burden Jesus Carries on His Heart

Dear Friends of "Dial Daily Bread,"
Some who read "Dial Daily Bread" struggle to put bread on the table and pay the rent, and put shoes on the children's feet. Having experienced poverty, I would not lay another straw on the burden they carry. Others who read these messages lay awake at night wondering what to do with the money the Lord has entrusted to them. I would like to encourage them to believe that the dear Lord will hear their prayer for wisdom to know what to do with it. Surprisingly, of the billions of dollars Americans give to charity annually, they donate more than half of it during the last 45 days of the year, mainly from Christmas to New Year's Eve. Motivated by different concerns, they want to end the year having done what is right.

Justification by faith is not a cerebral, theological exercise; it's the joy of living. And part of the joy of living is the joy of giving. Yes, actually learning to enjoy giving more than getting. Why and how? Because in true justification by faith you come to realize that you own nothing that can rightfully be called yours. You don't need a preacher to pound it into your ears that you are a steward, an estate-manager. You see that on His cross Christ took what was yours (your grave) and gave you what was His (eternal life). Yes, He redeemed you from hell itself!

Simply believe this truth of justification, and you are set free from those terrible tentacles of "covetousness," which is selfishness, the desire to acquire and to keep. Get on your knees, and ask the Lord where and how to give, rather, to pass on, what He has permitted to pass through your unworthy hands. Give, not because you hope it's an investment that will pay off in "treasure in heaven" for you or because you want to receive (Matt. 6:20); give because you want to help lift the burden that Jesus carries on His heart by lifting someone else's burden that He feels. Just for the joy of helping. Yes, He will guide you to give wisely, not unwisely.

--Robert J. Wieland
From the "Dial Daily Bread" Archive: December 30, 1997.
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