Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dial Daily Bread

Dear Friends of "Dial Daily Bread":

Where I happen to live on the face of planet earth, there is a measure of political peace. The highways are comparatively safe; grocery stores are open; there is a measure of that “good will” that the angels sang about over the hills of Bethlehem at the birth of the Messiah.

On this particular early Thanksgiving morning, the almost full moon shines brightly ... not only over my little landscape, but over Baghdad, too; and media reports that filter through say there is a measure of stability returning to that land of horror. Since the “surge,” say the reports, there is some renewed activity in the streets, and people are beginning to emerge.

Could there be a modicum of peace returning in Iraq?

Could Sunnis and Shiites be tiring of strife? We pray the answer is yes.

If so, it is because of what the LORD God said to the Serpent in the Garden of Eden long ago: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed. ...” (Gen. 3:15). Default on planet earth is a measure of war between good and evil, between Christ and Satan, which is heart enmity against violence; because of what the LORD said, peace cannot help but break out at last. People just get tired of fighting, they yearn for peace from the Lord.

But if so, it is also because of Bible prophecy: as surely as the continued division of Europe into the iron and clay of the great image of Daniel 2, so is the prophecy of an open door for the proclamation of the fourth angel’s message of Revelation 18:1-4. The same LORD God of Eden is determined today that people get a chance to hear His message of grace that must lighten the earth with glory. Not all will accept, but all must be given the opportunity, and that will require that the “four angels” hold back the four winds of strife. God is not asleep!

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